Privacy Policy


Things that are not allowed on our site.Please follow our Privacy Policy to ensure your continued subscription with us

Alcohol in all its types
And drug paraphernalia
Tobacco of all kinds
Firearms and ammunition
Conventional weapons, such as ancient swords and spears and the like Malk
Stolen property
Devices and closed program Unlock
Tickets, domain names and online accounts
Do not allow the sale of GPS Signal Blockers
User personal information or mailing (IP) (IM) (spam)
Links that lead to pornographic sites or sites undesirable
Red diesel
Lottery Tickets
Used underwear
Sexual products such as pornography and sex tapes and condoms sexual equipment and related activities
Sale of human organs and uterus
Capital bonds
Food need supplements that contain a substance( DMAA)
Virtual goods and products
Counterfeit, copy replica and trademark items
Predators such as reptiles and rodents
We also reserve the right to remove any advertisement that we feel is not appropriate that the site
Thank you for abiding by our policy BigBigSale teams