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** We only accept Discounted products. Before you start reading the topic, we would like to draw your attention that this site only displays products at discounted prices and we do not deal with individuals. We only deal with companies and shops, so we review requests before you start displaying your ad on our website. If the advertisement is from a private person or the product is shown at the real price, it will be removed directly from our website.

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Bigbigsale.co.uk  A leading online classifieds platform. We offer integrated services and provide all means available to customers.. The thing that distinguishes us from others is that we only specialize in marketing discounted products such as furniture, electronics, home appliances, clothes, cars and more. The idea of the site is to market to companies and malls that offer products at low prices, so you will not find a product at the real price. Discounts range depending on what sellers offer, so you will find all items offered at a discount because we will remove the product directly if we find it is sold at the real price. Because this thing is against the policy and laws of our site. thank you for reading.